Maybe It’s Finally Time For Portable To Calm Down And Relax?

It’s barely two months since the world first heard of Portable, and the guy’s already got three songs out.

Frankly, I don’t expect anyone to keep up-I sure as hell can’t. His previous release, “Ogo Forever” is yet to even crack anything or even make any kind of wave and he has already put out another one.

Now, I’m not even remotely worried about him burning out. He can burn out if he likes, but at least make it worth it. The thing is, Portable isn’t like the rest of the guys who have had this kind of wave in the past. He’s not like, say, Small Doctor or Zlatan Ibile, or Bella Shmurda. The distinction is that he’s not really an artist. Well, he wasn’t until Olamide changed him forever.

Portable did “Zazoo” though, and it was undoubtedly a smash. He’s got the momentum; probably the most he’s ever gonna have. So, I guess his management figures if he quickly drops a lot of content, he could somehow manage to stay afloat. Either he will or he won’t remain to be seen.

But Portable needs time. Time to hone his talent, to grow, to develop his artistry. Being a street artist doesn’t mean he wouldn’t need to go through that development phase where he’s just low-key and works on a lot of stuff that never comes out.

That’s not the case here though. Looks like we’re gonna be getting every song Portable makes now, though, and honestly, that’s not good for anybody. Not only will he burn out, but what happens when he stops being impressive? Or when someone else comes and takes his shine? That’s bound to happen, isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, his latest song with Barry Jhay is not all that bad, but it’s way too early for me to have three Portable songs already. He should chill, for now, continue to make songs, do some collabs maybe, fool around online (he’s doing that quite all right), and when the time is right, come back. But being all over the place right now with mediocre music just won’t do him any good. Facts.

Anyway, what do you think?

Should Portable Tone It Down Or Should He Continue To Flood The Industry With Music?

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