Runtown’s “Mad Over You,” The Best Afropop Song Ever Made?

When Runtown released the smash hit, “Mad Over You” in 2016, the alkayida sound had just found its way to Nigeria and was the new cool.

It would change the Nigerian music industry forever by introducing artists to a lower tempo than usual, but not before Runtown had managed to create an iconic smash with “Mad Over You.”

In and around 2016, artists didn’t really do albums. It was those days when artists would just put out a lot of singles and hope that one catches on. That was exactly what Runtown did. Now he might have wanted it to be a big hit, but there was no way he was expecting it to make such strides. Well, it did. And it wasn’t for no reason. It was because that song is very solid.

Mad Over You” is one of those songs that are catchy from A-Z. I mean, who couldn’t sing it all back then? The instrumental was purely spiritual and the lyrics were basic enough that anyone could sing it. After creating one of the best choruses ever made, Runtown wove the song with three exceptional verses that are just mindblowing.

Since then, a lot of Afro-pop songs have been made, but only very few have been able to even make half the impact “Mad Over You” made. Personally, I d

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