Jaden Smith Fuels MCU Casting Rumors With Masked Spider-Man Photo

Actor Jaden Smith shared an apparent selfie in a Spider-Man mask, leading fans to speculate that he’s teasing an upcoming role in the MCU.

Actor Jaden Smith seems to be encouraging rumors that he’s in talks for a Marvel role, with a recent image on his Twitter showcasing the unmistakable mask of Spider-Man.

Smith tweeted a photo that appears to be a selfie, but the face of the subject is completely hidden by a skin-tight, movie-accurate Spider-Man mask. He’s otherwise dressed normally in a t-shirt and necklaces. The image is captioned, “Wya [Where you at] I’m Tryna Swing By.”

What made the tweet especially intriguing for some fans is that it came a few days after a rumor about Smith joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe had begun to circulate. On Thursday Jan. 13, scooper account MyTimeToShineHello tweeted, “Marvel had talks with Jaden Smith no less about a role.” As the account has correctly predicted news about earlier MCU films, this report drew a good deal of attention.

Smith’s Spider-Man photo wasn’t posted in response to the rumor, but the timing and the use of the character seem to reinforce the idea that he’s interested in joining the massive superhero franchise.


Many of the responses to Smith’s tweet welcomed the idea of him in a Marvel role. Some fans were quick to create photo manipulations casting Smith as Miles Morales, the alternate-universe Spider-Man who leads the acclaimed animated film Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse. The popularity of Miles as a character has made fans eager for his live-action debut, with much discussion about who could be cast as the young hero.

Despite the classic style of the mask in his photo, it’s unlikely that Smith would play the original Peter Parker version of Spider-Man, as that character has already been portrayed by no fewer than three live-action actors. The MCU’s new multiversal rules pave the way for plenty of dimensional crossovers, allowing the current Spider-Man star Tom Holland to share the screen with both of his predecessors in his latest film, Spider-Man: No Way Home. By the same token, Miles Morales could easily come over from his own universe to interact with the MCU in live action, but so far, his presence has been limited to a few subtle references.

Not every response to the rumor is in agreement that Smith would make a good Miles, but even if he really is teasing a role in the MCU, there are no end of new or legacy characters that he might play. Of course, it’s also possible that he just wanted to try on a cool superhero mask.

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