8 Wild Differences Between The Lamborghini And Ferrari Rivalry

When it comes to hot wheels, there are two brands that come to mind: Lamborghini and Ferrari. But, when put to the test, which brand is best?

In such industry as competitive as automotive manufacturing and motor sports, it’s almost a guarantee that a few brands will develop a rivalry. As a matter of fact, this can be observed from as long ago as the 1960’s, when Ferrari and Lamborghini begun their fateful journey as enemies.

Since then, Ferrari and Lamborghini have been engaged in a battle at the highest level of performance; constantly pushing the bounds of what is and isn’t possible. These companies aren’t the same, though, as they have their unique differences. To showcase this, here are eight of the wildest differences throughout the Lamborghini and Ferrari rivalry…

8. Ferrari Has More Models (Currently)

When making automobiles, it is important to have a wide variety of options for consumers. Including, but not limited to, family-oriented cars and more sporty alternatives. For brands as exclusive as Ferrari and Lamborghini, though, they have a much more inelastic price range and demand.

Due to this, these businesses take time producing their car. Often times, they do not release successors to previous models until a few years later (Like the Murciélago and Aventador). However, in more recent years, Ferrari has been putting in the work; releasing car after car with more impressive figures each time.

In all likelihood, this has lit a fire under Lamborghini executives to make new cars that can keep up with their Maranello-based brother.

7. Lamborghini Focuses More On Road Cars

Although both Ferrari and Lamborghini have a vast array of new, and old, road vehicles, one puts a higher priority on street legal cars than another. Obviously, this is a reference to Lamborghini.

As Ferrari had been around for quite some time and received their fame from racing, it makes sense why they would hold it in special regard. Lamborghini, though, didn’t have the same past. To keep their brand on-track and outdo a giant like Ferrari, Lamborghini put all their best efforts/intentions towards road cars for most of their life.

Of course, Lamborghini participates in motor sports. However, just not to the extent that Scuderia Ferrari does.

6. Lamborghini’s Focus On Form

When Lamborghini crafts a new vehicle, it can be described as many things. Nonetheless, “ugly” or “unattractive” is, certainly, none of those adjectives. For millions of car enthusiasts, Lamborghini wins them over with their aesthetics and visuals rather than racing pedigree.

This is not to say that Lamborghini does not make fast cars. On the contrary, actually, as Lamborghinis often break the 200 miles-per-hour barrier and comfortably contend against Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren. Nevertheless, the hallmark of a true Lamborghini isn’t just its logo or power, but the Italian design that goes into every model. To see an example of this, observe the Lamborghini Countach: A car that looked the part, but was as aerodynamic and comfortable as a cinderblock.


5. Ferrari’s History Begun In Motor Sports

Unlike Lamborghini’s pursuit of luxury sports cars during the ’60s, Ferrari had a much different start. Even though both companies were brought on by a dream and a love of cars, Ferrari’s had a bit of racing in its intentions as well.


The young Enzo Ferrari loved motor racing. Not to mention, he was very good at it too. Eventually, he created his own car: The brand we now know as Ferrari. For a good bit of time, Enzo didn’t really think about making road cars. That is, until, the abundant success and love from consumers around the globe.

4. Ferrari Existed Way Before Lamborghini

As mentioned previously, Lamborghini and Ferrari had a very different upbringing. Not only was one more interested in racing than the other, but one had been out way before the other as well. When Lamborghini was founded in 1963, Ferrari had already been in business for about twenty-four years. This extra bit of time gave Ferrari a large market share, and even made Enzo a bit pompous too.

If you’ve never heard about the inciting event for the creation of Lamborghini, it’s quite a story. After having bought a Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini was less than impressed. He then sent a letter to Enzo, letting him know of his displeasure. In response, Enzo basically told him to pound sand.

This slight was enough to push Lamborghini over the edge. If they couldn’t rely on Ferrari for a nice car, they’d just make their own; and do it better too.

3. Lamborghinis Are More Expensive

If you’re not filthy rich when looking through Dupont Registry or luxury dealerships, the price tag on each vehicle can be very depressing. Of the most expensive, Lamborghini and Ferrari usually sit on the top spot. However, when compared closely, you may find that Lamborghini produces vehicles with an exceptionally high cost compared to Ferrari.

When their new Aventador was released in 2012, they easily sold for more than a half-million dollars. Nowadays, new versions of the Aventador keep coming out (Roadster, S, SV, and SVJ) with an ever increasing M.S.R.P. This isn’t even mentioning one-off vehicles like the Veneno and Aventador J. Obviously, Ferrari has expensive cars too. Although, their standard range 488 models can be, ever so slightly, more affordable than a new Aventador.

2. Lamborghinis Are More Easily Maintained

For a good part of Lamborghini’s early history, the manufacturer most definitely prioritized form over function. Ferrari’s used to be the most well-built supercars, until Lamborghini was purchased by Audi group.


One key feature that newer Lamborghinis have, yet Ferraris lack, was the use of specific engine belts. While Ferrari had standard rubber belts, Lamborghini had chain-belts. The chains broke a lot less and helped the engine to last longer. Along with this, most Ferraris would have to have their engine removed for small repairs. Thankfully, some German engineering helped Lamborghini gain an edge.

Today, Ferrari has caught up with the times. Their vehicles are as well-built (If not more) as their competition and look to continue improving with hybrid technologies.

1. Different Unique Designs Between Brands

The biggest, and most notable, differences between these two rivals isn’t always their reliability, performance compared to other companies, and so on, but how they differentiate themselves through innovation, beautiful designs, and cultivating inventions.

Think about it in these terms: As a car enthusiast, does the idea of a Lamborghini Aventador being swapped with the Ferrari 488 to become the Lamborghini 488 and Ferrari Aventador seem right? If nothing was changed but the logo, it still wouldn’t be. Not just because you know them as a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but because each of those two manufacturers are vastly different in terms of vehicle design, power output, inspiration, and so on.

Therefore, the best difference between these two automotive giants is how they differ. If each looked the same, or was indistinguishable from a normal car, there would be no excitement or desire for a Lamborghini or Ferrari like we see today.


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